How To Choose Your Child's First Pair Of Walking Shoes

Choosing your baby’s first pair of walking shoes is super exciting! However help your new walker put the best footwear forward by saying bye-bye to bare feet.

Here’s everything you need to know about choosing the right shoes for your little one…

First walkers

Your little one is finally there – taking their first steps! While you’ll be bursting with pride, it's really important to find shoes that fit properly when she's learning to walk--otherwise, she could stumble more and take longer to develop the skill."

Always get your toddler to walk in the shoes in the shop to make sure they are a correct fit before you buy.

What to look out for:

The shoes should be soft and flexible so they don’t rub. Look for lightweight, flexible non-slip soles which will help your baby grip the ground. Toes should still be wide and roomy, seams and edges soft, materials breathable and fastenings adjustable.

A good pair of first walking shoes can help your child gain balance and control as they walk and will give them confidence to keep going – for just a few steps more. Do remember that it’s still great for your baby to go barefoot as much as possible at home.

Your baby’s shoes should be checked every six to eight weeks to make sure they still fit.

Never buy second hand shoes, they will have been moulded to fit another child’s feet and won’t give the right support.

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